The Physician Philosopher book review

The newest member of the Whitecoat Investor Network has a solid little book. Ironically, I would call it filled with practicality, not philosphy. He focuses on the “20% you really need to know” to win financially. His compared examples of Dr. Jones and Dr. Early Financial Independent are both realistically reasonable, showing how some simple […]

The Ultimate Financial Advisor

I have been thinking a lot about financial advice recently. It is so personal and pretty darn important. It is so hard to get right advice since you have to educate yourself to know if it’s right to the point you could do it yourself for free. Or like most of America, you could blindly […]

Bogleheads Review: Vanguard disciples

The genesis of many great financial bloggers have their roots in the ultimate forum: The website has its roots from a Morningstar forum that sung the praises of Vanguard Founder Jack Bogle. Bogle started the first index fund and it followed the S&P 500. The company was made in such a way that shareholders […]