The Ultimate Financial Advisor

I have been thinking a lot about financial advice recently. It is so personal and pretty darn important. It is so hard to get right advice since you have to educate yourself to know if it’s right to the point you could do it yourself for free. Or like most of America, you could blindly trust the man in the suit and pay for his suits yearly.

With the Whitecoat Investor Network (WCI, POF, PIMD, TPP) I feel the doc blogosphere already has some solid content. But the thing that bothers me is they all have to / chose to have a disclosure stating their blogs are opinion pieces and not truly official advice.

Since I am a do-it-yourself to a fault, I thought I might as well work on my officialness to the point I could be trusted. First for myself; secondly for my peers.

My CPA brother is more number wise than I am. He is on the most prestigious path for a money guy, already through the CFA 3 part exams. He’s seriously who you’d want to be part of your corporation domination team. But is he prepped to be a personal advisor? Definitely not his focus.

What would make an ultimate personal advisor? In my opinion a 1 stop shop that educates you while getting past your inertia of just not doing it. One of the steepest learning curves for the new attending is taxes. The IRS actually has a 3 test certification to be an Enrolled Agent. So this is my first goal.

My second goal is to become a liscenced independent insurance agent to learn how to setup cheap term life insurance and specialty specific disability insurance.

Though advice is really valuable, most people get stuck in the mechanics. I’d pay for an advisor who could walk me through the tax forms, insurance applications, and Vanguard solo401k / backdoor Roth / tax lost harvesting. All this is not that hard but most people would enjoy a hand to hold and push to complete a plan for the first few times.

Some of the worst setups have you see so many people to implement your financial plan after already paying for advice. So inefficient. So expensive. Nobody got time for that.

Here’s to my first new adventure to win with the IRS: EA sports, it’s in the game.




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